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What Is Dogging?

Dogging is widespread throughout the United Kingdom. It's a British word that refers to having sex in public while others are watching. This can happen in parking lots, on the beach, in wooded areas... anyplace! Dogging Near Me is an online network of dogging enthusiasts from all across the United Kingdom. Join us for free right now and start flirting, chatting, and more...

Why Should You Join Dogging Near Me?

Dogging Near Me is a reputable dogging website based in the United Kingdom. Find actual ladies in your area that are looking for dogging dates. Our members simply enjoy having sex in public. We'll put you in touch with those ladies. Dogging has been around for a long time, but it has only recently gained popularity in the United Kingdom.

Who Goes Dogging?

Did you know that 43% of the British populace has admitted to having sex in public in the past? The dogging community is no longer seen as the unsavory minority that it once was. With popular dogging sites all throughout the UK, you're sure to find lots of local members who are keen for a dogging meet near you.


The UK Dogging Community

Dogging is a primarily British practice that entails outdoor exhibitionism in car parks, forested areas, and other public places. Dogging was used in the early 1970s to characterize guys who spied on couples having sex outside. In order to keep an eye on the couples, these men would 'dog' their every move. When the swinging scene discovered that open-air sex has its own unique excitement, they began gathering in parking lots, and the doggers discovered a new and plentiful source of voyeuristic enjoyment. Furthermore, the doggers quickly realized that these couples were actively encouraging them to observe, even performing for them and occasionally allowing them to participate.

1. You must wear a condom to avoid STDs or undesired pregnancies. It's even recommended to bring a box to share with other doggers..
2. Do not dog in front of youngsters or unwary bystanders.
3. Avoid disturbing the peace or drawing attention to yourself.
4. Anonymity is essential. No one should expose other doggers' identities, and you should create a dogging moniker to safeguard your identity.
5. Do not deface or trespass on public or private property.
6. All condoms and trash should be gathered and disposed of in a garbage can.
7. Always practice legal driving and parking.
8. Agree on a signal or safe word in the event that one of you wishes to stop.
9. It is not common for a lady to arrive at a dogging place alone. It is suggested that she bring along a man she trusts to defend her interests.
10. Avoid locations notorious for prostitution and drug selling.
11. If you are watching, do not touch unless specifically encouraged to do so.
12. If you don't mind people seeing, flash your interior light. Roll down your window if you want the onlookers to come closer or join in.
13. Turn off your headlights when you arrive at the scene.
14. After you've finished, drive about or stop for food to make sure you're not being followed.


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